Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season 2

So Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season 2 starts Tuesday, April 12 at 8pm (Eastern time) and I’m so happy it’s back but so incredibly pissed because it’s on the same time as NCIS. Damn ABC had to move it, last year it was on Friday, so hopefully I can get it on demand.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution you really need to check out his website, here.

He’s trying to get better food in public schools and if you have a child in a public school you should really get involved. I got involved last season because even though I don’t have kids, I think the kids need better food and someday I may have kids in public school. Plus I remember how bad and nasty the food in my school was and trust me, it hasn’t gotten any better.

What he’s all about is basically to get all the processed food out and bring in fresh veggies, fruits and low-fat milk.

At this point you might be thinking, why milk? I’ll tell you why, flavored milk that they give to kids has just as much, if not more sugar than soda! I almost fell on the floor when I found that out. It’s crazy and that’s why he’s going for better options, like low-fat milk.

So I ask you to join Jamie Olvier’s Food Revolution (with over 640,000 other people) , because even if you don’t have kids yourself, you might have a niece or nephew, grandchild, godchild or just have a friend who has kids, and they all deserve better school food.

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