Monday, July 4, 2011

My morals (are LGBT friendly)

There’s been a lot of talk going on lately online about marriage equality, especially since New York passed it. Why some people think it’s wrong and why other’s think we should have it.

I’ve noticed a lot of people like to say that it goes against their morals or family values. They don’t want their children to learn about LGBT people and equality. They don’t like LGBT people being around their children. LGBT people shouldn’t be allowed to marry. All because it goes against their morals.

I’m all for free speech and people voicing their opinions. However these people tend to forget that there are people out there that have different morals than them. Like me for example; I have very different morals than these people.

I’m for marriage equality. I don’t see a problem if two consenting adults want to get married. I also want my future children to learn about LGBT people, the history of the fight for equality and to learn that all people are equal. I don’t want my children around bigoted straight people. I don’t want my children to learn that being LGBT is a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. I don’t want these people teaching my children in general. I don’t want their negativity and hate around my children. Why? Because it goes against MY morals.

I hate these people that say other people should be treated as second class citizens all because it goes against their morals. What about people like me? Shouldn’t I have a say in this too?

These people will bitch and moan how the government is infringing on their lives and morals when allowing marriage equality. Yet when marriage equality gets shot down they are infringing on my morals.

Our country is all about freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of/from religion, freedom to work and live anywhere we want. Shouldn’t we also have the freedom of marriage equality?