Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Same Shit, Different Day...

In the words of Winston Churchill "Greeks do not fight like hero's, hero's fight like Greeks." (By the way, Ethniki is a nickname for the Greek National Football team)

Hello, just wanted to write a quick update. Like I said, trying to remember to update this on a regular basis.
Not too much going on. Just the usual of cleaning and looking for a summer job, just until RJ can get the Real Estate business up and going. Speaking of that, we have a seminar coming up this weekend. So I'm excited for that.

I'm also pretty bummed that Greece lost their game against Argentina (0-2) in the World Cup. They held them off for a while, Argentina got their first goal in the 77th minute, and we got 7 or 8 shots on goal. But none the less we lost, so I'm hoping we can make it next time. And in case anyone is wondering, no I don't root for the USA. I'm just not a fan.

Well I guess that's it for now.

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