Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shit People Say To Fat Girls

So I found this video on a Tumblr Blog and thought it was amusing  but also very true at the same time. I for one have heard all of these, a lot of them from family members, and I know a lot of other fat girls have heard the same. I think it's about time we stopped criticizing everyone on their body type and focus on everyone, skinny girls included, getting health.

Also, I  think the video is missing a few. So here are a few more "Shit People Say To Fat Girls" (with some commentary):
  • Don't worry, you'll find somebody who loves you for you and not your body. (So, basically, what you're telling me is no one is going to find me attractive. So I should just settle with whatever I get?)
  • Let's be real you're not going to fit into that.(How the hell do you know what I am going to fit into?)
  • Don't think you should order a salad.(Yeah,I'm not even go there on this one.)
  • You're really into fact guys, are you? (Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I like  fat guys. Do you like stupid people because you're stupid?)
  • You have such a pretty face. (Just to be clear, this is not a complement. This just means that whoever said that to you thinks the rest of you is ugly. And if anyone does say this to you, by all means, please tell them to fuck off.)
  • You'd be so much prettier if you lost 10 pounds.(My grandmother actually said this to me)
  • Your significant other would love you more if you lost 15 pounds.(Actually, my hubby likes me just the way I am.)
  • You're looking so good, have you lost weight?(Yes, because for me to look good, I must have lost weight.)
  • Hey! I haven't seen you in forever! Have you lost weight?
  • Well, I'm not into big girls.
  • You must be so jealous because she's skinny.(Actually, no, I'm not jealous of skinny girls. Why? Because I don't want to be skinny.)
  • I just want you to be healthy.(FYI: Some fat people are healthy)
  • You know, it would be okay if you skipped a meal.(Yeah, and it be okay if you shut your mouth)

Have you heard any other shit people say to fat girls?

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