Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tim Tebow is no role model in my book

My dad and I were talking about Tim Tebow the other day and my dad mentioned how he is a good role model for kids. Well I promptly disagreed with him, not only because I'm an atheist but because I'm a supporter and part of the LGBT community.

As an atheist, when I have kids, I want to teach them that hard work and determination will win them that game (or anything else that wanted to do) and not God. If they decide to play a sport, I want them to learn that working hard in practice, teamwork, and doing your best is all they need. I don't want them to praise God when they win or to blame God when they lose.

Another reason why I wouldn't want my kids to look up to Tebow is because him and his mother are advocates for the anti-LGBT hate group, focus on the family. My kids will learn that love is love, that no matter if a family consists of two dads, two moms, one mom, one dad or just grandparents, a family is still a family.

I know that my kids will learn of other people's views and morals, but I'm hoping that I and my hubby will have succeeded in teaching them that hate is not a family value.

I want them to know that everyone deserves equal treatment.


Anything you'd like to add?