Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Confessions of a biker; I’m afraid to ride my bike

Well let me start from the beginning. I’ve been riding passenger with my dad since I was 4. I’ve always been into motorcycles, even when people thought I was weird and everything in high school.

Well my junior year of high school my dad bought me a motorcycle, a Kawasaki 454 ltd. I didn’t have my permit yet, so he found it, test rode it and bought it. I pretty much didn’t have any say in it what so ever.

So a few months later, after I got my permit, my dad tried to teach me how to ride my bike. Let’s just say it didn’t go to well. I wasn’t comfortable on it and could barely touch the ground, even with leaning the bike over a bit.

Ever since then I’ve been nervous getting back on it. I was even nervous when taking my rider education class in Orlando, FL and I was on a Kawasaki 250 Eliminator. But after a day of riding it in the rain, I actually got used to it.

Then a day or two ago I find out that my dad finally admitted that he got the bike more for him than me. And that he finally realized that “my bike” is a little too big for me right now.

So yes, I am afraid to ride my bike. But, since my husband is going to auctions for our shop, he’s going to get me a 250 Eliminator and I know I won’t be afraid to ride that.

“Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

My bike (AKA Kawasaki 454 LTD)

This is a Kawasaki 250 Eliminator (I want this one) :)


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